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    Earlier today, I noticed that one of the FUMBBL servers was producing harddrive read errors. I took down the servers to do a cable replacement to make sure that it wasn't a cabling problem. After the system came back up again, I am still getting the error messages and that means that I will be replacing the drive.

    I've placed an order hoping to reserve the last drive I could find in town from the store I use to buy hardware, and will (hopefully) pick it up tomorrow. This means that there will be another downtime at some point tomorrow once I return from drive hunting.

    The failing drive is part of a RAID-array backing the data and log for the primary database for FUMBBL so I want to replace it as soon as possible to avoid data loss or corruption. Hopefully, the downtime will not affect your matches too much.

    I am taking down the site for the harddrive swap at 15:45 server time today. I estimate the downtime to take roughly 1 hour.

    The maintenance has now been completed. The drive has been successfully replaced and the server is happily rebuilding the RAID array (which will take several hours).

    I apologize for any inconvenience this downtime has caused you.
    As of today, FUMBBL has a new SSL certificate. While this isn't something normal people will notice, I figured I'd make a post for those of you who keep track of such things.

    The only change is that you can now access both https://fumbbl.com and https://www.fumbbl.com without getting certificate warnings. Or well, the expiration of the certificate has moved from September this year to August 2017 as well.
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    Well, here they are......
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    And so to the final B team only Major of the year, and a fine and proper warm up for the FC.

    Ladies, gentlemen and those who play B, I give you:
    The Black Cup V
    http://fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=9078383 i just love him :) will keep till his death :) wi...
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